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Elizabeth I, Red Rose of The House of Tudor
Ella Enchanted
Eragon (2 reviews)
The Ersatz Elevator
Escape from Slavery
Esperanza Rising
Everything on a Waffle
Fever 1793 (3 reviews)
The Fight to Survive
The Fighting Ground
The Fire Within
Flight of the Dragon
Flying Solo (14 reviews)
Following Fake Man
Football Genius
Freeze Tag
The Gardener
Get That Girl Out of The Boy's Locker Room!
The Ghost of Windy Hill
Gifts from the Sea
Girl Overboard
The Girl with Silver Eyes
Go-Kart Rush
Goodnight, Mr.Tom
Goose Chase
Goosebumps - Ghost Beach
Goosebumps- The Cuckoo Clock of Doom
Goosebumps: Headless Halloween
Goosebunps: Horror At Camp Jellyjam (4 reviews)
Great Illustrated Classics: Dracula
Green Angel
The Green Book
The Green Flash
Gregor and the Code of Claw
Halfback Tough
Hank The Cowdog - Case of the Halloween Ghost
hank the cowdog the case of the halloween goast
Hank the Cowdog: Case of the Tricky Trap
Hank Zipzer, Day of the Iguana
The Hardy Boys - Kickoff to Danger
The Hardy Boys: The Final Cut
Harris and Me (3 reviews)
Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire (2 reviews)
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix (3 reviews)
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (5 reviews)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (2 reviews)
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (3 reviews)
Hatchet (4 reviews)
The Haunted Mask
The Haunting
The Haymeadow
Heat (3 reviews)
Heaven Eyes
The Help
Henry's Freedom Box
Heroes Don't Run
The Hobbit
Holes (12 reviews)
The Horse and his Boy
Hotel Animal
The House of the Scorpion
House on Hackman's Hill (2 reviews)
How To Be Popular
How To Eat Fried Worms
How to Steal a Dog
Hugo Cabret
Hunger Games (4 reviews)
Hush (3 reviews)
I Hate my Best Friend
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
If You Take a Mouse To School
Igraine the Brave
In the City of Dreams
In My Enemy's House
the Incredible Journey
Indians on the Bonnet
The Innocent Polly Mcdoodle
Into the Land of the Unicorns (3 reviews)
Jackie and Me (3 reviews)
Jackie Robinson (2 reviews)
Jake Drake Know-it-All
Jason's Gold
Jeremy Thatcher, Dragon Hatcher
Joey Pigza Loses Control
Johnny Tremain
The Journal of Biddy Owens, the Negro Leagues
Journal of Patrick Seamus Flaherty, United States Marine Corps
The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins: A WWII Soldier (4 reviews)
Journey to America: Fiona McGilray's Story: A Voyage from Ireland in 1849
Journey to the River Sea
Judy Moody Declare Independence
Junie B. Jones Has a Monster Under Her Bed
Junie B. Jones is a Graduation Girl
Just Go To Bed
Just Juice
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