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Abel's Island
Abner & Me
Absolutely Normal Chaos (7 reviews)
Abuela's Weave (3 reviews)
Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie (3 reviews)
Addy Saves the Day, a Summer Book
Adeline Falling Star
The Adventures of Archie Featherspoon
Adventures of Don Quixote (9 reviews)
The Adventures of Huckleburry Finn
The Adventures of Odysseus
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
The Adventures of Spiderman
The Adventures of Super Diaper Baby (5 reviews)
The Adventures of Taxi Dog (2 reviews)
The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (2 reviews)
Africa Dream
The Akhenaten Adventure
Al Capone Does My Shirts (2 reviews)
Albert Einstein: Genius of the Twentieth Century
Alexander Who's Not (Do You Hear Me? I Mean it!) Not Going to Move (4 reviews)
Aliens Don't Wear Braces
Aliens for Breakfast
Aliens For Lunch
All America Girl
All the Lovely Bad Ones
All of a Kind Family (2 reviews)
Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls - Glitter Girls and the Great Fake Out
Allie Finkle's Rules for Girls - Moving Day
Almost Home
Aloha Summer
Always Wondering
The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes
The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes- Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining (2 reviews)
The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes- Good Things Come in Small Packages
The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes- Reach for the Stars
The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes: The Best is Yet to Come
Amber Brown Goes Forth (2 reviews)
Amber Brown is Feeling Blue
Amber Brown is Green with Envy
Amber Brown is Not a Crayon (2 reviews)
Amber Brown Sees Red (2 reviews)
Amber Brown You Can’t Eat Your Chicken Pox
The Amber Spyglass
Amelia Goes to Space
American Diaries: Zellie Blake
Among the Enemy
Among the Ghosts
Among the Hidden (4 reviews)
Among the Impostors
Amos & Boris
Amulet-The Stonekeeper
Amy's Story
An Alphabet of Dinosaurs
An Angel for Solemon Singer
An Uphill Climb
Anastasia at Your Service
Anastasia Krupnik (2 reviews)
Anastasia the Last Grand Duchess
Andrew Lost on the Dog (4 reviews)
Andrew Luck
Angel in Charge
Animal Ark: Terrier in the Tinsel
Animorphs: The Unknown
Anne Frank, The Diary of a Young Girl
Anne Frank, Life in Hiding (2 reviews)
Anne of Green Gables (3 reviews)
Anthony Burns
Apple Island or the Truth About Teachers
Aquamarine (3 reviews)
Arbor Day
The Arctic Patrol Mystery # 48 (2 reviews)
Are You My Mother?
Are You There God, Its Me Margaret
Are you there God? It's Me, Margaret
Armadillo Tattletale
Arms and Armor
Artemis Fowl (6 reviews)
Artemis Fowl - The Eternity Code
Artemis Fowl The Artic Incident (2 reviews)
Arthur and the Comet Crisis
Arthur and the Cootie Catcher
Arthur and His Sister
Arthur Goes to School
Arthur Tells a Story
Arthur Writes a Story (4 reviews)
Arthur's Baby
Arthur's Chicken Pox
Arthur's Computer Disaster
Arthur's Mystery Envelope
Arthur's New Puppy
Arthur's Underwear
Athena the brain
Attack of the Deranged Mutant Killer Monster Snow Goons
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