1 Garfield's Big Book of Excellent Excuses

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Garfield's Big Book of Excellent Excuses

Written by Jim Davis

Illustrated by Brett Koth

Reviewed by Jordan S. (age 8)

Garfield's Big Book of Excellent Excuses

If you need excellent excuses, this book is for you. Do you know the cartoon character Garfield? He is a lazy cat that lives with a guy named Jim and a crazy dog named Odie. This book of cartoons is about Garfield and his excellent excuses. Garfield uses them to get himself out of all kinds of trouble. All of the excuses are funny.

I liked the book because I thought the book was really funny. I laughed a lot while reading this book.

One of my favorite excuses is when Garfield oversleeps and says, "I was working undercover." Another is when Garfield says, "I tripped over a hairball." You'll have to read the book to find out why he was giving that excuse.

Garfield's stories are supposed to teach you how to get out of trouble. Some of the excuses are real and some are not. This book will help you when you need a new excuse. This is a fantastic title for kids who love funny joke books.

I would recommend this book to people who need excuses. I think both boys and girls will like this book. I would put this at the top of anyone's summer reading list. We all need to laugh a little.