1 Nanny Nonsense

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Nanny Nonsense

Written by Judy Grosset

Illustrated by Carmelo Garmendia

Reviewed by Kimberly S. (age 8)

Nanny Nonsense

In this story there were two bunnies called Gray Ears and Brown Ears. They were best friends in the whole world. One day, Brown Ears was very hungry and Gray Ears was trying to look for food. They were trying to get a job with Mrs. Fox so they could take care of her kits. Gray Ears dresses up in Rosie?s dress to pretend he was a girl because Mrs. Fox does not like boys. Mrs. Fox got mad because Gray Ears was talking to his friends in a boy?s voice instead of a girl?s voice. Mrs. Fox put Gray Ears in a room and she locked it. Brown Ears was trying to get Gray Ears out.

I liked this book because of the surprise ending when Brown Ears was saving Gray Ears. The book has a good beginning. The pictures were funny when Gray Ears was wearing the dress. This book made me laugh a lot. There were a lot of pictures that had nice coloring. The story reminds me of the time when Hannah told me her little brother had to wear a dress.

I would recommend this book to all the young kids in the U.S.A. because it is very funny. They can see so many different pictures in the book.