1 Splat and the Cool School Trip

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Splat and the Cool School Trip

Written by Rob Scotton

Reviewed by Sophia M. (age 7)

Splat and the Cool School Trip

“What! No penguins?” Splat said out loud. Read to find out what happens to Splat when he doesn’t see the penguins at the zoo.

Splat and the Cool School Trip by Rob Scotton is a great story. Splat goes on a field trip, but he leaves his mouse friend Seymour behind because he will scare the elephants. When they got to the zoo Splat said, “Let’s see the penguins first!” His teacher pulled his tail and said, “Let’s see the others first.” Suddenly, they thought they saw a plane, it was Seymour the mouse and he scared the elephant away! Finally they got to the penguins. Splat was so excited, but there was a sign that said that the penguins can’t come out because an elephant broke the wall. The teacher said, “Back to the bus!” Splat was so disappointed he didn’t eat his dinner and stared at the TV. Read this book to find out if Splat will ever see the penguins.

This is a great book because I like penguins just like Splat. I like the part when the cat said, “Is it a bird? Is it a plane? NO it’s a mouse named Seymour!" I think this part is funny. One more reason why this is a great book is they go on a field trip and field trips are fun.

I recommend this book because it teaches kids how to be patient. Also kids would like this book because it has penguins. If you like penguins than read this book!