1 Amelia Bedelia and the Baby

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Amelia Bedelia and the Baby

Written by Peggy Parish

Illustrated by Lynn Sweat

Reviewed by Lisako K. (age 7)

Amelia Bedelia and the Baby

Do you want to read a book about a babysitter taking care of a baby? Then this is a great book for you. Amelia Bedeila and the Baby is about a babysitter named Amelia Bedelia. She was very good at taking care of children but she was worried about if she could take care of babies, because she doesn’t know a thing about babies. When she went to Mrs. Lanes’s house she saw Missy on the playpen. Will she take good care of Missy? Will she do it in the wrong way or not? Then read this book to find out!!!

My favorite part of the book was when Amelia Bedeila got a very nice compliment from Mrs. Lane. I loved this part because it reminded me of when I made a very special necklace and I gave it to my mom. She gave me a very special compliment. I know that my mom gave me a very nice compliment just like Mrs. Lane did to Amelia Bedelia in a very nice way. I think Amelia Bedeila is an interesting and a little bit funny character because she doesn’t know a thing about babies. I felt a little nervous because it is very, very, very, hard to babysit a baby for the very first time. I like this book because it is perfect for babysitting a baby for a first time. Amelia Bedelia and the Baby has illustrations that are a little funny.

I recommend this book to people who like babies, their babysitter and people who babysit for a very first time. I think you should read this book because it could happen in your life some time. I hope you read this book!