The Little Mermaid

Written by Adapted by Michael Teitelbaum • Illustrated by Sue DiCicco

Reviewed by Pam Z. (age 7)

This story was about a beautiful mermaid that lived deep in the ocean. One day she saw a handsome prince above the waves. She fell in love with him. Then, the prince's ship sank to the bottom of the ocean. The mermaid saved him! Then she turned into a human and went with the prince and they fell in love. The mermaid loved the prince, but she missed her home. Lastly, she told the prince good-bye and became a mermaid again.

I loved the part when the mermaid fell in love with the prince and saved him. I thought this part was very sweet and showed how much the mermaid loved the prince. I also really liked it when the mermaid became human and danced with the prince. This part reminds me of the time that I danced in a beautiful dress.

I recommend this story to anyone that likes love stories like me. It had many great examples of how much the mermaid and the prince loved each other.

Pam Z. is a student in Miss Orozco's 2nd Grade Class