Miss Rumphius

Written by Barbara Cooney
Illustrated by Barbara Cooney

Reviewed by Julia N. (age 8)

Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney, is about when Miss Rumphius is a little girl her grandfather tells her to do three things. (1) See far away places. (2) Get a house by the sea. (3) Do something to make the world more beautiful. As Miss Rumphius sees far places and gets a house by the sea, she wonders how she is going to make the world more beautiful. Finally it comes to her! Miss Rumphius decides to plant lupines because she has always loved them! All the towns people started to call her "that crazy old lady!" But when the lupines sprouted no one called her that anymore.

I love Miss Rumphius because this book is sweet, gentle, and the story is beautifully written. The illustrations are amazingly detailed. I think Barbara Cooney's idea to write this book is awesome! She did a fantastic job!

I give Miss Rumphius five stars because the story is great and the pictures are wonderful! This book would be good for ages four and up.

Julia N. is a student in Alison and Lisa's' 3rd Grade Class