Bailey School Kids: The Monsters Next Door

Written by Marcia Jones
Illustrated by Gurney, John Steven

Reviewed by Emily S. (age 8)

The Monsters Next Door is about monsters who move to Bailey City and Ben, Annie, Jane, and their friends are afraid of them. The monster family is called the Hauntlys. The Hauntlys have a Halloween party and Ben, Annie, and Jane help them set up because they want to treat the Hauntlys like they are normal. Then Ben, Annie, and Jane become friends with Kimler Hauntly, the littlest Hauntly.

The Monsters Next Door is a good book because it is easy to understand. All of the characters are funny because they are monsters. The illustrations are really creative. The Monsters Next Door is a fiction book about monsters.

The Monsters Next Door is easy to understand for ages seven to ten. This book would be good for any type of person, especially people who like stories about monsters.

The Monsters Next Door is similar to the rest of the Bailey School Kids series because they are all about monsters.

Emily S. is a student in Alison and Lisa's' 3rd Grade Class