Wombat and Fox

Written by Terry Denton

Reviewed by Sam L. (age 8)

Wombat and Fox want to go to Bandicoots Beach Box for their summer holiday, but they donít have tickets for the bus. They have to get off the bus, and so do five monkeys. They race the five monkeys to Bandicoots Beach Box. Who will win?

I like this book because it was really funny and wombat and fox did crazy things. I know what it feels like to get teased like Wombat and Fox did.

I recommend this book for kids who are being teased because it makes you feel better. I would be a good book for kids who like funny books and animals. I also recommend this book for 2nd and 3rd graders.

Sam L. is a student in Elaine and Ana's 3rd Grade Class