Ms. Hannah is Bananas

Written by Dan Gutman

Reviewed by Stella Rose G. (age 8)

Ms. Hannah is an art teacher. She is very weird. She wears dresses that are made from potholders. She also collects garbage instead of throwing it away. When A.J. and Andrea who don't like each other get paired up as partners, they have very different ideas about what to do. Will they work it out?

This book reminded me of when I had to work with someone who I didnít get along with. We worked it out by thinking of a project that combined both of our ideas. This is kind of what Andrea and A.J. did in the book.

I think this book would be good for people who like to compromise. It is part of the My Weird School series and this one is number 4. I really like all of the books in this series because they are very funny. I think it would be a good book for kids who are from 8 to 12 years old.

Stella Rose G. is a student in Elaine and Ana's 3rd Grade Class