Pinky and Rex and the Mean Old Witch

Written by James Howe • Illustrated by Melissa Sweet

Reviewed by Isabel Y. (age 7)

Have you ever read a Pinky and Rex book? Well if you have not, you should. Pinky is a boy, Rex is a girl. Pinky and Red live next door to a mean person named Mrs. Morgan. Pinky and Red lost their ball in Mrs. Morganís yard. She chased them off with a broom. Pinky and Rex got angry. They decided to do a trick on Mrs. Morgan. Will they do it? Is Mrs. Morgan as mean as they think she is? You will have to read this book to find out.

I like Pinky and Rex and the Mean Old Witch because it has a lot of serious parts. Like when Mrs. Morgan was swinging the boom. It made me gasp! I didnít like when Pinky and Rex wanted to do a trick on Mrs. Morgan. It made me sad. Mrs. Morgan is old and she has no friends at all. She is really sad because she has no friends.

Have you ever met someone who is called a mean old witch? Well, if you have, read this book. You will learn that you canít tell who they are just by looking at them. If you say she or he is mean, you need to know them. I recommend this book to everyone because it teaches a really good lesson: you canít tell who someone is just by looking at them..

Isabel Y. is a student in Brynne's 2nd Grade Class