Chester's Way

Written by Kevin Henkes • Illustrated by Kevin Henkes

Reviewed by Adrienne S. (age 7)

Chester is a mouse. He has his own way of doing things. He has a friend Wilson. Wilson and Chester are best friends. Chester and Wilson always wear the same thing on Halloween. Chester always gets out of his bed on the same side. But when Lily moves into the neighborhood, Chester and Wilson think thereís something wrong with her because she has her own way of doing things. Do you think theyíll ever be friends with Lily? Youíll have to read the book to find out.

I liked Chesterís Way because it was funny. Chester is a really funny character because he always has to dress up like something that has a pair. I relate to Lily because when I was three, I used to put band-aids on myself so people will think Iím brave. And I have my own way of doing things.

I learned a lesson in this story: when you meet someone new, you should always accept them. If you want to learn to like people who are not like you, you should read this book. I can connect to this story because at first, I didnít like someone in my class, but now I love her. I started to think about how she would have felt when I didnít like her, so then I became friends with her. If you want to be better at making friends, then this book is for you.

Adrienne S. is a student in Brynne's 2nd Grade Class