Nintendo Heroes: Mario and the Incredible Rescue

Written by Tracey West

Reviewed by Kevin M. (age 9)

This story is about Mario. He comes out of his house with Luigi. It was a good day when Toad came running towards Mario. Toad came sadly to Mario and said that ghosts took Princess Peach away! He said that ghosts are from Bowser. He found a mushroom with a letter. You must find six mushrooms to destroy the ghost so they can fight Bowser and get Peach.

My favorite part of the book is when ghosts toss Toad in the air because my friend got tossed in the air. This book is not part of a series. This book makes me wonder about my Dad because he is scared of barking dogs and there are barking objects in this story.

I recommend this book because it is funny. Anyone would like this book. This story is interesting because it has adventure and action in it.

Kevin M. is a student in Mrs. Kumanski's 4th Grade Class