Dingoes At Dinnertime

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Reviewed by Ingrid L. (age 10)

One day Annie was sitting on the porch steps. Jack came outside. Annie suddenly heard a dog barking. Annie ran to the Frog Creek Woods. Jack went with her. Annie and Jack saw a tree house. Jack and Annie went inside and saw a woman named Morgan. She told them to break the dog spell. They also have to go to Australia. Jack and Annie saw a kangaroo and itís baby. Dingoes came out behind the trees and chased the kangaroo. The kangaroo left her baby.

I like this book because it seemed interesting. My favorite part was when Annie and Jack found a kangaroo because I would want to see one. I like Annie because she always wants to help and I would like to be like her. I think the book is special because they made friends with the kangaroo.

I recommend this book if you like adventure. I think a reader that likes mystery books would enjoy this book. I think the pictures are interesting in the book.

Ingrid L. is a student in Mrs. Kumanski's 4th Grade Class