Earthworm: The Life Cycle

Written by Bobby Kalman

Reviewed by Latrell T. (age 8)

Iím a Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School student. Iím a nice young man. Iím Latrell and I have a book called, Earthworm. You should read it. You may like it. You may not. I hope you like it. I believe itís a good book. I like it because it tells interesting facts. But you shouldnít step on worms. They are just as valuable as we are. You can find these creatures everywhere but Antarctica. Earthworms are about the life of worms. I like earthworms because they're allowed to get dirty. It's a just right read for me and I am learning something. I like science because I might make some experiments and learn new things. Read it if you want to know more.
Latrell T. is a student in Ms. DeCosta's K-3rd Grade Class