The Hickory Chair

Written by Lisa Rowe Fraustino
Illustrated by Benny Andrews

Reviewed by Eric F. (age 9)

My favorite book is The Hickory Chair. In the first part of the book, the grandma says she loves her grandson the best out of all of them. She says he can hide the best too. Then he talks about his Gran her smell, and her warm face, and salty kisses. You see he can smell best of all because he is blind. One day at school his father told him that his Gran died. At the funeral, he had his final touch. Then afterwards the family read her will. She left everybody one thing, but they had to find it. Louis looked and looked with his blind sight, but he did not find his. What do you think happened next?

I think this book is not like other books I have read before because it is so sad. It was sad to me and it was sad to my friends. The story reminds me of my family because I have lost people in my family just like Louis lost his grandma. My favorite part of the book is when his Gran died because it made me so emotional. This book is not part of a series, but I wish it was. It had a happy ending, but it was sad most of the time.

I encourage you to read this book if you are in fourth or fifth grade and you enjoy stories that are kind of sad. It's easy to read too.

Eric F. is a student in Mrs. Thomas' 4th Grade Class