Niagra Falls or Does It?

Written by Henry Winkler

Reviewed by Daniel T. (age 9)

This story is about a kid, Hank Zipzer, who is always getting in trouble. Hank is in the 4th grade. His first assignment is to write an essay about his summer vacation. He does his essay about his trip to Niagra Falls. When Hank goes to write his essay he can't concentrate on it. He comes up with an idea to do a presentation instead of writing an essay. His friends help him out. He thinks he has a great project, but it ends up turning into a mess. Read the book to see how it ends.

I thought this book was great. The characters in the book were like me and my friends. My favorite part was when Hank's sister's lizard sticks out his tongue and eats a cracker at the dinner table. I couldn't believe the girl didn't get in trouble because her lizard did that. My favorite character was Hank because he reminds me of myself. He is cool and always getting in trouble. This is the first book in a series. The Hank Zipzer books are good for kids because they teach kids lessons about life.

I would recommend this book to boys my age, 9-10 years old. I think they would understand what Hank is going through.

Daniel T. is a student in Mrs. Cruz's 4th Grade Class