No Dogs Allowed

Written by Jane Cutler
Illustrated by Tracey Campbell Pearson

Reviewed by Madison W. (age 9)

If you are a pet lover then you need to read No Dogs Allowed. It has some drama, but I think you will love it. It is about a girl who loses her pet horse. She says she doesn't want another pet. Her grandpa gets her a new puppy. Will she take it? Will she reject it? Read the book to find out.

I thought this book was great because it is about a puppy and I love puppies. It reminded me of my scottie. My favorite part in the story was when Kristen got the puppy and named it Maddie. I liked that part because it made me feel happy for her. The puppy reminds me of my scottie because they both like to kiss you on the face. When I read this book it made me feel a little sad and made me think about my dog.

I would recommend this book to kids ages 6-12 who like animals. They will enjoy this book.

Madison W. is a student in Mrs. Cruz's 4th Grade Class