Niagra Falls or Does It?

Written by Henry Winkler

Reviewed by Marlee B. (age 10)

Have you ever read about Hank Zipzer? I have. Hank is a boy who is always getting in trouble. Some of the characters are Nick Mekelty-the bully, Mrs. Adolf- the mean 4th grade teacher, Papa Pete- Hank?s grandpa, Ashley, Frankie and Robert- Hank?s best friends. Hank?s friends are always by his side even when he gets in trouble. Hank has a big idea for his first writing assignment. However, his big plan explodes.

I loved every part of the book because there were many lessons to learn in this story. My favorite part of the story is when Hank's Niagara Falls project explodes and Mrs. Adolf gets soaking wet. Ashley is my favorite character because she is a lot like me. She is a kind and giving friend. I love girly things like rhinestones and so does Ashley. I learned a good lesson that kids do not listen all the time. When I read this book I felt like it was okay to make mistakes sometimes.

I think any kid 9 or older would like this book. It is a funny, laugh out loud book. It teaches you about being a good friend all the time.

Marlee B. is a student in Mrs. Cruz's 4th Grade Class