Mummies Don't Coach Softball

Written by Debbie and Marcia Thorton Jones Dadey • Illustrated by John Gurney

Reviewed by Will H. (age 8)

This is about a man named Coach Tuttle. And he keeps on getting injuries. He gets so many injuries that he wraps himself up like a mummy. One day, a girl gets hit on her arm with a ball at softball practice And Coach Tuttle wraps up her entire arm. But he really was not a mummy.

I liked this story because the kids thought that Coach Tuttle was a mummy, and I think that's funny. Another reason I liked the book is that four kids on the softball team looked for pictures of King Tut, the Egyptian pharaoh in this lady's house, and I thought that was cool. These kids thought the lady was a vampire because she had a lot of bats. And they finally figured out that Coach Tuttle was not a mummy. I liked reading about how they figured that out because I like mysteries and puzzles.

I recommend this book because it is funny and I like chapter books. Also, it is a very cool book because it talks about scary stuff, like a man they think is a mummy and a woman they think is a vampire. I think third graders would like to read the book because it's really interesting. I'd think third graders would like the part where a girl's arm gets wrapped up like a mummy's arm.

Will H. is a student in Ms. G.'s 2nd Grade Class