Halloween at Creepy Castle

Written by Richard Brown

Reviewed by Joshua L. (age 7)

In this story Kermit the Frog dressed up like Robin Hood for Halloween. He went into a huge, creepy, castle. He saw creepy things in each room of the castle. Then he came to a creepy, old doorway. He thought it was the way out. But it was a Halloween party!

My favorite part was when he saw a skeleton. I thought it looked scary. It looked like he was in a haunted house. It reminds me of when I went in a haunted house. When I saw all the kids dressed up for Halloween it reminded me of when I dressed up for Halloween.

Kids who like scary stories and Halloween will like this book. I also think second graders will like this book.

Joshua L. is a student in Mrs. Laffin's 2nd Grade Class