Dragon Gets By

Written by Dav Pilkey • Illustrated by Dav Pilkey

Reviewed by Jose R. (age 7)

Dragon was very hungry because there wasn't any food in his cupboard. Dragon went to the store to go shopping for food. Dragon bought a lot of junk food. He didn't have a balanced diet. Dragon ate all of his food and had to go shopping again.

My favorite part of this story is when Dragon goes shopping. When he buys junk food it reminds me when I like to buy Hot Cheetos at the store. It looks cool when Dav Pilkey drew the car tumbling down the hill. This story reminds me that I should always eat healthy foods and only eat junk food some times.

I think first and second graders will like this book because it's funny and the character Dragon does many silly things. If kids eat too much junk food they should read this story because it teaches them a lesson to eat healthy foods.

Jose R. is a student in Mrs. Laffin's 2nd Grade Class