The Berenstain Bears No Girls Allowed

Written by Stan & Jan Berenstain • Illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Reviewed by Andrew P. (age 7)

This story is about the Berenstain Bears Brother and Sister. Brother and his friends were playing marbles and climbing trees. Sister was following them everywhere. She wanted to play with them. The boys didn't like Sister because she bothered them. So they made at tree house and didn't let Sister in. So Sister decided to make her own tree house with her friends. Sister and her friends let Brother and his friends in their tree house. They all played together and were happy.

When brother and his friends wouldn'd let Sister play with them it reminds me of when my sister doesn't let me go in her room. I think Sister was acting like a big pest. My favorite part of the story was when Brother and Sister and their friends all played together. I liked that they were acting kind to eachother.

I would recommend this book to any kid who has a brother or sister. This story is good because it teaches kids to be nice to their brothers and sisters and to play nice together.

Andrew P. is a student in Mrs. Laffin's 2nd Grade Class