The Berenstain Bears Mad, Mad, Mad Toy Craze

Written by Stan & Jan Berenstain • Illustrated by Stan and Jan Berenstain

Reviewed by Isaac F. (age 7)

Brother and Sister Bear really wanted the Beary Bubbies toys. Papa gave them money to buy some at Herb's Hobby Shop. They bought the last three toys at the store. Brother and Sister loved them so much that they wanted more. They did all kinds of chores to earn more money to buy more Beary Bubbies. They ended up with a whole bunch of Beary Bubbies!

My favorite part of the story was at the end when the whole family was in their living room and they had all the Beary Bubbies spread out around the room. When the bears got their toys at the store it reminds me of when I got my X-BOX. I like when Brother and Sister had to do chores to earn money to buy their toys. They learned that you have to work for things that you want.

I would recommend this story to kindergarteners, first and second graders, my mom and dad, and all the kids at the day care. If you ever had to work for a toy then you will like this story!

Isaac F. is a student in Mrs. Laffin's 2nd Grade Class