The Beast Who Couldn't Say Boo!

Written by Amanda Agee • Illustrated by Carol H. Campbell

Reviewed by Kalanny L. (age 7)

In this story a beast named Boris thought he was the scariest beast alive. He took Boo lessons so that he could scare the humans on Halloween. When Boris tried to say "Boo" he couldn't. He could only let out a little puff that sounded like a coo. He felt sad that he wasn't as scary as the other beasts. At the end everything changes.

When Boris had to stand in front of all the kids and scare them by saying "Boo" it reminds me of when I got stage fright. I was scared to sing in front of people just like Boris was afraid to say "Boo." I like when he finally says "Boo!" I like this book because it makes me think about Halloween, and I love Halloween!

I would recommend this book to all elementary school aged students. I think they would like it because it is funny and it's about Halloween. If you like Halloween, then you will like this story!

Kalanny L. is a student in Mrs. Laffin's 2nd Grade Class