No Howling in the House

Written by Erica Farber & J. R. Sansevere • Illustrated by Mercer Mayer

Reviewed by Alan V. (age 7)

This story is about a family called the Howls. The mother is a vampire named Wanda and the father is a werewolf named Jack. They have a son named Axel and a daughter named Thistle. Jack teaches Axel to howl, but he can't do it. Wanda taches Thistle how to fly, but she can't do it. The kids want to make a magic pie so that they can howl and fly. When they can't find the special ingredient for the magic pie something strange happens.

I like when Jack teaches Axel how to howl because it reminds me of when my mom and dad teach me to read, write, and do math. My favorite part was when Groad stubbed his toe into a rock. I thought it was very funny and it made me laugh. I thought it was interesting that Axel could fly like his mom and Thistle could howl like her dad.

I would recommend this book to first or second graders. If you like Halloween then you will like this story. You will also like this story if you like werewolves and vampires!

Alan V. is a student in Mrs. Laffin's 2nd Grade Class