Arctic Son

Written by Jean Craighead George
Illustrated by Wendell Minor

Reviewed by Donnie M. (age 10)

This book is about going hunting. A boy went hunting with his dad and they killed food to eat. Then they go whale hunting at camp. They had a party and played Eskimo games after they caught a whale. They also go to school. After school they go sliding in the snow like me.

I liked this book because it's good and I liked reading it. This is my favorite book because it's about hunting and I love going hunting. I like the illustrations because it looks like where I live.

Other kids should read this book because I liked reading this book. If you like to read, you will like this book. I like to read. They do Eskimo things like play Yupik checkers on New Year's. Yupik people would also like this book.

Donnie M. is a student in Tamara's 3rd Grade Class