Ten Little Fish

Written by Audrey Wood • Illustrated by Bruce Wood

Reviewed by Mercedes F (age 7)

In this book there were ten little fish. First they were traveling together. One fish dives under water and now there are nine. Then one goes in a trap. Now there are eight. One jumps to get fresh air and there are seven. Then one gets lost and there are six fish. One goes in a vase and there are five. One went to eat a snack and there are four. One goes with a friend and there are three. One went to say good-bye and there were only two left. The last two fish fall in love. Together they hatch ten eggs!

My favorite part of the story was when the last two fish fall in love. I like this part because they were happy together. My favorite character in this story was the fish who became a friend. The fish became friends with a turtle. I thought it was funny for a fish to have a turtle for a friend. I liked this book because I could read it all by myself. At the beginning of the year I could not read this book but now I can!

I would recommend this book to my friends. I think they would like it because my friends like fish. It also had very good pictures. You an count the fish on every page.

Mercedes F is a student in Mrs Sandford's Kindergarten through 1st Grade Class