The Mud-Flat Olympics

Written by James Stevenson

Reviewed by Chin Pang W. (age 9)

This book is about animals in the Olympics. They play in the mud. In one round they had to dig a hole the fastest. Kimberly won the game because her hole was the deepest. Another round was the Smelliest Skunk Contest. Mrs. Collard does not like to be the judge because it's too stinky. There are 2 other games that they play called the all-snail high hurdles and the river swim.

I liked The Mud-Flat Olympics because it is funny. For example, Burbank, the rat was surprised when the snails won the high hurdle race. I recommend this book to anyone who loves sports and animals. If you like to read something funny, this book is for you. If you have to be a judge in The Mud-Flat Olympics, who would you pick?

In the all-snail high hurdle race, who was the real winner? Did the snail make it to the finish line or did they cheat? Read this story and you can be the judge.

Chin Pang W. is a student in Gretchen's 4th Grade Class