The Quicksand Question

Written by Ron Roy
Illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Reviewed by Carly C. (age 9)

Every person in Green Lawn is nervous that they will run over the ducks that keep crossing the river road. Just when the town fills the donation bank to save the ducks, it gets stolen. Now they can't build the bridge that they were saving up for. The three children, Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose are trying to crack the case and solve the mystery of who stole it. Who knows? Read The Quicksand Question to find out.

I like this book because it has very funny clues like mushroom-sized ears. Another reason I like this book is because it is exciting and you never know what will happen next. First the kids are swimming, then they are stuck in gooey quicksand! I also like this book because it is suspenseful. For example, when Officer Fallon was shocked that the duck bank was stolen, I wondered what he would do.

I recommend this book for kids in second through fourth grade. The whole family can enjoy this laugh-out-loud, funny book. If you enjoy this book, you will enjoy the whole series called A to Z Mysteries.

Carly C. is a student in Mrs. Weitzman's 4th Grade Class