The Quicksand Question

Written by Ron Roy
Illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Reviewed by Zaineb H. (age 10)

The three curious detectives, Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose are trying to solve a mystery. As they are trying to raise money to build a bridge to help the ducks cross the road safely, the duck bank is stolen! Will all of their hard work go to waste? Read this book to find out.

I like the way that Ron Roy makes the characters funny. For example, when a lady named Ellie was trying to help find clues, Josh gets off track and asks for a milkshake! Ruth Rose would be a good friend because she is kind to people and never gives up on anything. This book reminds me of when I lost my bank that had the money I was saving for charity. I was so mad! Finally, after a week, I found it. I could relate to how Dink, Josh and Ruth Rose felt.

This book is funny because Josh always wastes time and he is silly and distracted. Other kids can relate to this because they probably know someone just like Josh. I would recommend this book to children in grades two, three and four because there are a few scary parts and some hard parts too.

Zaineb H. is a student in Mrs. Weitzman's 4th Grade Class