Magic Treehouse: Afternoon in the Amazon

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Reviewed by Roy R. (age 8)

Magic Treehouse: Afternoon in the Amazon illustration will appear here.

Jack and Annie were going through the rain forest to find one of the keys to break the spell on Morgan le Fay. They got scared of marching ants. They found a canoe and were going through the river when they saw a piranha. They were scared of the piranha, but what was even scarier was the crocodile. Then they found a monkey. He was throwing mangoes, but he wasn?t trying to be mean, and Jack and Annie didn?t understand. They tried to catch the monkey to make him stop. Then, they caught the mango and the monkey stopped throwing mangoes. If you want to find out why, read the book.

I loved it, I loved it before, and I will always love it. This is my second time reading it, that?s how much I love it. I like it so much because of the characters Jack and Annie. They always get into trouble and then they figure a way out. They are always helping Morgan. The story is interesting and fun, and I wish I could do what Jack and Annie do.

I think people who like adventures and people who like the rainforest would like this book. The people would have to be 8-13 years old at least. I think people who like the first book that Mary Pope Osborne wrote would like these books. And people who like kids? books would want to read this.

Roy R. is a member in New York Cares/Island School Reading Club's Spring 2007 (2006-2007)