A Jigsaw Jones Mystery: The Case of the Disappearing Dinosaur

Written by James Preller
Illustrated by Jamie Smith

Reviewed by Linda C. (age 8)

Did you ever read a book called the case of the Disappearing Dinosaur? First there are these kids name Danika, Mila, Lucy, Jigsaw, Joey, and Alex. These groups of six kids find things and try to return them. Jigsaw and Mila and the rest of the group found a purse on the way to candy shop. Mila and Jigsaw looked in it and it had a paper. So they read it and it said, "Must get cake", so they found a bakery near the candy and they asked if someone was in a rush this morning and a paper? The cashier at the bakery someone did. That was the biggest clue they had. Then they went on the bus to find the person who they thought lost the pocket book A boy name Bobby Solofsky said that the purse was his mom's. Jigsaw and Mila said to prove it. He was unable to prove it so the children went on a mission to find the purse. The group of children continued to look for the person who lost the pocket book. Throughout the story will they find the owner of the pocket? Read to find out.

The Case of the Disappearing Dinosaur is an excellent mystery to read. You will enjoy reading this book because it will make you jump out of your seat because it is funny when they went to the bakery and Jigsaw asked for a treat. Then he had a mark on his lip. Also, I think you would want to be one of them because they solve mysteries. When you read this book it will make you solve the hard case. As you can see, The Case of the Disappearing Dinosaur is a mystery book and it will make you jump out of your seat. You will feel like you are helping the main characters during their adventures, and last but not least, you will laugh at its funny events.

I recommend this book to people who like to read about funny events. While you are reading The Case of the Disappearing Dinosaur you won't be able to stop laughing! You will really enjoy reading this book!

Linda C. is a student in Mrs. Zanga's 3rd Grade Class