Outcast of Redwall

Written by Brian Jaques

Reviewed by Matthew N. (age 9)

If you haven't read Outcast of Redwall, do you even know how to read? It is written by Brian Jacques. A ferret babe named Veil Sixclaw goes to Redwall (Redwall is an abbey founded by Martin the Warrior). When Veil is older, he is declared an outcast because he tried to poison the friar. A mole named Togget and a mouse named Bryony go looking for Veil (they go looking for Veil because Bryony thought he could turn good). Will they find him? Read to find out!

Outcast of Redwall is part of a series. It is similar to all the other books because they all tell about Redwall. I think Veil changed because at the end of the book when his father was going to kill Bryony he jumped in the way and got killed. At the start he wouldn't have done that because he hated every one. My favorite part is when Sunflash (a badger) and Skarleth (a hawk) escape from Swarts (Veils father) camp because I thought that was interesting. I like it when Veil changes at the end and saves Bryony. I feel happy when Veil changed but I feel sad that Veil died.

I recommend this book to people who like animals because this book is full of animals.

Matthew N. is a student in Ms. Morlan's 4th Grade through 5th Grade Class