Survival: Island II

Written by Gordon Korman

Reviewed by Reghan H. (age 11)

J.J. , the spoiled rich kid, Charla the amazing athlete, Ian, the wiz kid, Luke, the innocent, Lyssa, and her brother Will, the fighting siblings, all have survived 40 foot waves, a deadly explosion at sea, a week drifting on a teeny tiny raft only built for 3 in the ocean and being marooned on an island. In the series Island by Gordon Korman, the second book picks up right where the first one left off, with all the kids scared, because their captain just went overboard.

My favorite part is when Charla, Ian, and Luke find J.J. and Lyssa, but Will doesn't remember anything or anybody because he has amnesia except his sister Lyssa. I thought this book was interesting how 6 kids can get stuck on an island, with no food, no fresh water, and no way of contacting anybody. I loved this book because it is funny, it is sad, and it is adventurous. This book is part of a series, the Island series. It is like the other 2 books because they all go together, and the 3rd book concludes everything!

I recommend this book to people who like daring books. You might like the character J.J., because you are rich or you can relate to him. Or Charla might be your favorite character if you are an athlete yourself. If you love to watch TV or like to discover things then you might like Ian. You might like Lyssa or her brother Will, if you have a sibling and you fight. I thought they were going to die on the island but...?

Reghan H. is a student in Ms. Morlan's 4th Grade through 5th Grade Class