Orphan of Ellis Island

Written by Elivera Woodruff

Reviewed by Evie G. (age 11)

Have you ever read a book that made you REALLY think? Well those kinds of books are nothing compared to the Orphan of Ellis Island! Elvira Woodruff writes an amazing time travel adventure, that doesn't even seem like a time travel story. Dominic Cantori has a secret that he doesn't want to tell anyone - he's an orphan!! Dominic takes a class trip to Ellis Island Museum. His class takes turns telling about their families, but Dominic doesn't want to tell his classmates his secret, so he hides. When he comes out from hiding, the museum is deserted. Dominic runs around the museum, scared out of his mind! Before he knows it, he's transported back to Italy 1908!!! He meets some unexpected friends who welcome him to join them on their journey to America.

I like this book because it teaches you about how to get past troubles. In one part, one of Dominic's friends dies. Dominic struggles to just leave his friend's body in Italy, but he knows that he has to go to America. Dominic changes a lot in this book. In the start of the book he doesn't want to share his secret, but at the end he's not afraid to share it.

I recommend this book because it makes you think about how good life is for you compared to Dominic's life. People who like adventure books would like this book because this book is really adventurous!

Evie G. is a student in Ms. Morlan's 4th Grade through 5th Grade Class