The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes

Written by Anne Mazer

Reviewed by Lauren S. (age 9)

The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes illustration will appear here.

Five days away from spring break, Abby got a letter from her grandma Emma. She was invited to go to her house for Spring Break. There were two problems: one, Abby couldn't ride on a plane alone, and two, her cousin was going to be there. Abby wanted all the attention from grandma Emma; she didn't want to share it! Her mom and dad finally let her go! When Abby got off the plane, she saw her grandma. She also saw a girl with a skirt, tank top, and her ears pierced.

My favorite part is when Abby and her cousin Chloe become friends because they were not friends in the beginning. The character Abby reminded me of myself because I sometimes like having all the attention. This book is in a series by the same author. It is book number ten, titled "Everything New Under the Sun."

I would recommend this book to girls because it doesn't have any boys in it.

Lauren S. is a student in Mrs. Stephens' Kindergarten through 1st Grade Class