Tacky in Trouble

Written by Helen Lester • Illustrated by Lynn Munsinger

Reviewed by Ryan A. (age 7)

In this story, Tacky has to prove that he?s a penguin! He does this so he can get his shirt back and get back to the iceberg.

This is a funny story, just like the first Tacky book. Everything the other penguins do nicely, Tacky does oddly. When the other penguins comb their feathers with a comb, Tacky uses a fork! My favorite part is when Tacky is jumping on the elephant. He doesn?t know it?s an elephant and he?s doing his rockhopper dance on its back. The picture shows him jumping from one part of the elephant to another ? boing! boing! boing!

Tacky in Trouble is a very funny book. Second graders would like to read it. I think my little brother would like this book. He can?t read, but he would like the pictures.

Ryan A. is a student in Mrs. Gibbs' 2nd Grade Class