Cookie Monster: Good Time to Eat!

Written by Sesame Street • Illustrated by Richard Brown

Reviewed by Dayanna L. (age 6)

Morning is a good time to eat breakfast for Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster thinks playtime is a good time to eat. Cookie Monster is eating while Ernie is reading and Burt is sleeping. Cookie Monster made dinner for Burt and Ernie. Anytime is a good time to eat for Cookie Monster!

My favorite part of the book was when Cookie Monster made dinner for Burt and Ernie because he was being helpful. I like the part when all of Cookie Monster?s friends have a picnic in the park because they are all eating together. I thought the part when Cookie Monster ate all the spaghetti and meatballs for dinner was funny because Ernie and Burt didn?t get any!

Do you watch Sesame Street? If you do, you should read this book! I recommend this book to six-year olds because this is a first grade book.

Dayanna L. is a member in Page Turners After School Program / Rauschenbusch Center's Reading Rascals (2006-2007)