Caps For Sale

Written by • Illustrated by michelle fiddler

Reviewed by Reading Rascals' Class

A peddler came and said ?caps, caps for sale, fifty cents for caps.? He walked down the street and went on saying, ?caps, caps for sale?. He walked for a long time and he waited for a tall tree to sleep in. He woke up and said, ?caps, caps for sale.? Then the peddler went to sleep for a long time. He woke up and he was checking if his caps were still there. But the caps weren?t there. He looked to the right and the left. He finally looked to the top of the tree and saw many monkeys wearing his caps. He got mad that he could not get his caps. He got so angry that he threw his cap on the grass. Then the monkeys threw their caps on the ground just like the peddler. The peddler got so happy and cried ?caps, caps for sale!?

I like the part when the peddler said, ?caps, caps for sale?. It sounds like the people who sell to you. I like when people are calling other friends. I don?t like the monkeys, because they are stealing the caps and stealing is bad. I like the part where the peddler was carrying caps because people can?t carry that many caps. I thought it was funny and cool.

I recommend this book to my mom because she likes these books and she reads them to me all night. I think all ages would like this book because my teacher reads this book to me and my friends.

Page Turners After School Program / Rauschenbusch Center's Reading Rascals (2006-2007)