Arthur's Teacher Trouble

Written by Marc Brown • Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Avery H. (age 7) and Danielle L. (age 8)

Arthur got every spelling word right so he got to go to a Spellathon. He had to study really hard to be ready for it. Arthur was really embarassed because it was time for the Spellathon. Prunella had to spell PREPARATION. She got it wrong, and so it was Arthur's turn to try and spell it. He got PREPARATION right and won the Spellathon.

Our favorite part of the story is when they were taking the test because only Arthur and the Brain made it to the Spellathon. The Brain was our least favorite character because he wants to win the Spellathon and we didn't want him to. This story relates to our life because people usually take tests for spelling and they get to sign their name on a trophy, too. This story has nice pictures that help to tell what is going to happen next in the Spellathon.

Others should read this story because it makes us feel like we want to be in a Spelling Bee.

Avery H. and Danielle L. are students in Ms. Meehan's 2nd Grade Class