Mouse Paint

Written by Ellen Stoll Walsh • Illustrated by Ellen Stoll Walsh

Reviewed by BryceW&MattT (age 6)

We chose this book because we really like mice and it is our favorite book. First the mice are white so they can hide from the cat on white paper. One day they saw paint and they thought it was mouse paint so they got in. They turned different colors and dripped paint on the paper so each colored mouse got into a different color paint. The red mouse turned orange, the yellow mouse turned green and the blue mouse turned purple.

When the paint on their fur started to get sticky they took a bath in the cat's water bowl. After they were all clean they decided to paint on paper again. Did they get in trouble again? You should read this book to find out.

The story is funny and the pictures have lots of colors and are very nice.

We recommend this book for all ages because it is very funny.

BryceW&MattT is a student in Mrs. B?s and Mrs. Beatrice?s Reading Buddies