The Year of No More Corn

Written by Helen Ketteman

Reviewed by Jordan & Josh V (age 7)

A boy came to his grandpa because his dad told him he was too young to plant corn. Grandpa agreed that he was too litle. Grandpa tells him a story about a time when there was no more corn when he was a little boy. The story makes the boy feel better even though he is still little.

I liked that this was a story about a story. My favorite part was when the grandpa told the little boy about when he was a little boy. The story reminds me of planting my garden. I liked it when the boy tasted a kernel of corn.

I recommend this book to everyone, even people who don't like corn. I don't like corn, but this is a really good story!

Jordan & Josh V is a student in Mrs. Shearer?s and Mrs. MacMurdo?s Reading Buddies