Chocolate Fever

Written by Robert Kimmel Smith • Illustrated by Gioia Fiammenghi

Reviewed by Riley L. (age 7)

Chocolate Fever is about a boy who likes chocolate too much. He gets this disease that makes him get these big brown spots! How awful!

When I read it, I just didn't understand why he just got better over night. It's kind of weird. I loved the book! It was the best book favorite book of all time! My favorite character was Mac because when he talked, he was funny. I love chocolate so I can make connections to this book. This book is not like any other book that I have ever read before because I have never read a story before that is about anybody that likes chocolate that much!

I have never read a book by this author before, but I'd recommend for anybody who likes chocolate to read it!

Riley L. is a student in Mrs. Stephens' Kindergarten through 1st Grade Class