Days With Frog and Toad

Written by Arnold Lobel

Reviewed by Nick (age 8)

There are lots of stories in this book. They are about Frog and Toad. Frog and Toad are friends. In one story, Frog and Toad went out to fly a kite. The robins said, "you may as well give up." Toad went back to Frog and said that they should quit. "What a joke," said the robins to Toad. The animals made them feel sad because they said mean things. Read on to find out what happens to Frog and Toad.

My favorite character is Frog because he puts a note on the door. I like Frog because he is a good friend. Frog is nice and funny.

My favorite part was when Toad copied the birds and said that the kite wouldn't fly. I liked it because they tried and tried to get the kite to fly. It was funny.

The pictures in this book are colorful. I like the pictures when Frog goes down to the meadow and tries to get the kite to fly. I like the decorations on the kite.

I think kids who like frogs and toads would like this book very much. Second and third graders would like Frog and Toad.

Nick is a student in Mrs. Giammusso's 2nd/3rd Grade Class