Magic Tree House #29: Christmas In Camelot

Written by Mary Pope Osborne
Illustrated by Mary Pope Osborne

Reviewed by B.M. (age 9)

Ready to go on an adventure? Jack and Annie see something in the trees. It's an owl pointing at the tree house with its beak .They go inside the tree house and go to Camelot. They see a reindeer that takes them to the Castle in Camelot. Everybody looks sad because Christmas in Camelot was cancelled. Next, they get caught in a witch's cave with a scary dragon. When they get out of the cave, the king takes them to the Castle on a horse. Read this book to find out what happens next.

Is this a just right book for you? It was for me! I enjoyed reading this book because it is hilarious when the owl is pointing at the tree house. My favorite part of the book is when Jack and Annie go into witch's cave with a dragon in it. Is that cool or what?! I enjoyed the illustrations in the book because they are in black and white. The book has a lot of information, too. I learned about how real kings used to live. This was a just right book for me, and it can be for you!

I recommend this book to children who enjoy adventure books. This book will inform you a lot, I mean it! Buy this book, and you will love it!!!!

B.M. is a student in Ms. Forte and Ms. Galos' 3rd Grade Class