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Reviewed by Alicia M. (age 10)

This is a book about horses. It explains that horses have to be well taken care of. They need to be feed and brushed every day. They need a good spacious place to live in. A place where they can run and feel free. Horses are a lot of fun to have and ride. Some horses are pets. They have a beautiful mane. It is their hair. Read this book to find out some of the types of horses there are and their names. You can also read to learn about some of the color names for horses.

I think this is a perfect book for those of you who like horses. You will learn a lot about horses by reading this book. You could also learn to love horses by reading this book. You will find out how fun horses can be, specially if you have them as pets.

By reading this book I remember my horse. It also needs to be feed and brushed daily just like it says in the story. I learned a lot about my horse by reading this story. It is a great story. Read it!

Alicia M. is a student in Mrs. Flores' 4th Grade Class