Aliens Don't Wear Braces

Written by Debbie and Marcia Thorton Jones Dadey • Illustrated by John Steven Gurney

Reviewed by Peyton S. (age 7)

The book is about an alien art teacher. The kids were scared of Mrs. Zork.

I think it was a good book. It was the best book I ever heard! Would you freak out if you had an alien for a teacher? I would be so surprised if I had an alien teacher. I loved Mrs. Zork. She was my favorite character. She was so pretty. Why did they call the book Aliens Don't Wear Braces if Mrs. Zork wore braces? My other favorite characters were the crew because it was like a little group. My favorite part was when the little boy got detention! This book was fiction because aliens are not really real!

I loved it so will love it too. You should read this book!

Peyton S. is a student in Mrs. Stephens' Kindergarten through 1st Grade Class