The Chocolate Touch

Written by Patrick Skene • Illustrated by Margot Apple

Reviewed by Chandler P. (age 7)

John Midas liked chocolate. John found a coin. Then John went to a store. John bought some chocolates. Everything he touched or ate turned to chocolate. When John brushed his teeth, the toothpaste turned to chocolate. John?s breakfast turned to chocolate. When John got to school, he ate his glove, because it turned to chocolate. John went to music and his trumpet turned to chocolate. John was doing a math test and his pencil tip turned to chocolate. John went to get a drink of water and it turned to chocolate. John went to Susan?s party. John and Susan went to a bucket. When John touched the water, it was chocolate. John saw his dad. They went to Dr.Cranium. John kissed his mom she turned to chocolate. John went to the storekeeper. The storekeeper changed John?s mom back. John had to give up candy to save his mom.

The book was great. I loved the book, because it was funny. When John spit out the tonic, it was really funny. I have had to take icky medicine too. John was the funniest character in the whole book. All of the things he uses and needs turns into chocolate even when he wasn't expecting it. My favorite part was at the end when John saved his mom, I would do anything for my mom too!

I think all second graders should read this book because it is really funny.

Chandler P. is a student in Turtle Mountain Gifted and Talented Grades 2 and 3